Our Approach


In partnership with Namibian Retort Charcoal (Pty) Ltd (NRC), we utilize encroachment bush to produce and package charcoal of outstanding quality.

Long lasting, hot coals make our charcoal ideal for any BBQ occasion.

Our Story

The founders of NRC are all farm owners in the northern regions of Namibia and have collectively been affected by excessive invader bush growth.

The mutual problem of over bushed land and the shared vision of utilizing harvested encroachment bush led to the partnership between GLT and NRC.

NRC built its very own packaging plant and has developed its own brand: PHOENIX Premium Charcoal. An additional NRC service is packaging charcoal in custom bags that have been supplied by the client.

Our Products

This is our selection of different hard wood available for sale.  

  • PHOENIX Premium Charcoal (BBQ Grade, 3kg & 5kg)
  • BBQ Grade Charcoal (4kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg)
  • Restaurant Grade Charcoal (10kg, 15kg, 20kg)

Customer Reviews

This is the latest response, we got from a customer from South Africa.  

My family and I are big-time barbecue fans and normally use charcoal, but since we've tried the bluethorn braai wood we really have to reconsider. Thank's for this awesome product and helping in recovering the motherland is also a big inspiration.

Mike, Cape Town - South Africa


Namibian Bushland

The amount of land in Namibia, that has a reoccuring problem with encroachment species.


Processed Charcoal

The amount of processed charcoal, that we were able to produce from all harvested bush material.


Regained native flora

The amount of native land, which was able to recover from the ecological factors from bush encroachment.


Number of jobs

The number of jobs we were able to create, due to the increasing amount of orders in various sectors.

Get In Touch

If intruder species are not harvested on a large scale, they tend to regrow quickly and jeopardize the rehabilitation of the native flora. If you want to restore your land and need a partner to provide the needed technologies or want to sell harvested wood, feel free to contact us.