Fire Wood

Our Philosophy


A “Braai” (BBQ) is more than just grilling meat, it is a fundamental component of a social get together and an integral part of the Namibian lifestyle.

Our hard and dry intruder bush burns easily and produces extraordinary coals. Additionally, it adds a unique African flavor to your meat, making it the perfect wood for a “lekker Braai”.

Our Story

Braaing has been a hobby of the founders from a very young age. It is when GreenLab Technologies was established, that this hobby turned into a business, namely GreenLab Forestry. It became apparent that while creating an additional income stream for the company, it would concurrently be possible to create local jobs and reduce the extent of over bushing. GreenLab Forestry has since delivered wood in bulk to South Africa and has exported wood to Europe and the Middle East on numerous occasions.  

Our Products

This is our selection of different hardwood available for sale.  

  • Braai wood (Sekelbos, Braaimix, Swarthaak, Camelthorn, Mopane each in either 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 30kg (incl. Firestarters optional))
  • Firestarters (mixed wood, 5kg, 10kg)
  • Wood stacked pallets (Sekelbos, Braaimix, Swarthaak, Camelthorn, Mopane, weight per pallet 650kg)

We offer a braai mix containing various hardwoods for the perfect braai experience.

Customer Reviews

This is the latest response, we got from a customer from South Africa.  

“So far all our dealings with GLT has been great experiences. The professionalism and attention to detail in all aspects of the business is what separates them from the rest.”

Cala van der Westhuizen (Co-founder), Suid Wes Harde Hout





Namibian Bushland

The amount of land in Namibia, that has a reoccurring problem with encroachment species.

Processed Firewood

The amount of processed charcoal, that we were able to produce from all harvested bush material.

Regained native flora

The amount of native land, which was able to recover from the ecological factors from bush encroachment.

Number of jobs

The number of jobs we were able to create, due to the increasing amount of orders in various sectors.

Get In Touch

If intruder species are not harvested on a large scale, they tend to regrow quickly and jeopardize the rehabilitation of the native flora. If you want to restore your land and need a partner to provide the needed technologies or want to sell harvested wood, feel free to contact us.