Smoker Chips

Our Philosophy


Our Smoking Chips are produced from harvested encroachment bush and are ideal for all gas grill lovers out there who do not want to sacrifice the unique African aroma our products add to grilled meat and vegetables. The Smoking Chips are also great for cured meat enthusiasts and butchers.

Our Products

Our decision to target this niche market with our pristine smoking chips was due to our own love for the great taste of smoked meat. We ensure our quality by first debarking, then shredding and sieving the wood.


Our Wood

This is our selection of different hardwood available for sale.  

  • Smoking Chips (Bluethorn, Sicklebush, Blackthorn, Camelthorn, Mopane in either 500g or 750g )

We offer a braai mix containing various hardwoods for the perfect braai experience.

Customer Reviews

This is the latest response, we got from a customer from South Africa.  

My family and I are big-time barbecue fans and normally use charcoal, but since we've tried the bluethorn braai wood we really have to reconsider. Thank's for this awesome product and helping in recovering the motherland is also a big inspiration.

Mike, Cape Town - South Africa


Namibian Bushland

The amount of land in Namibia, that has a reoccurring problem with encroachment species.


Processed Firewood

The amount of processed charcoal, that we were able to produce from all harvested bush material.


Regained native flora

The amount of native land, which was able to recover from the ecological factors from bush encroachment.


Number of jobs

The number of jobs we were able to create, due to the increasing amount of orders in various sectors.

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If intruder species are not harvested on a large scale, they tend to regrow quickly and jeopardize the rehabilitation of the native flora. If you want to restore your land and need a partner to provide the needed technologies or want to sell harvested wood feel free to contact us.